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Considering AVI: TagMaster North America Long-Range RFID Solutions

TagMaster North America’s Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) systems have led the access control industry for over a decade. A wide variety of vehicle access control and identification providers use TagMaster platforms and it’s no wonder, as TagMaster North America has a proven track record of providing high quality products and exceptional service. TagMaster delivers advanced long-range RFID systems to qualified system integrators across the North and Latin American marketplace. Systems are applied to installations at airports, bus/taxi depots, gated communities, universities, hospitals, commercial and corporate parking areas, railways and more. Some of these systems are even used in conjunction with proximity applications, in which one TagMaster system solves two access control issues at once. Discerning individuals and companies around the world are waking up to the immense benefits of advanced AVI solutions, particularly when it comes to all-in-one, hands-free applications that require both consistent security and ease of use.

So, why should you consider TagMaster North America’s long-range RFID systems for your most demanding AVI challenges? There are countless reasons to consider one RFID system over another when comparing technology, reliability, organizational impact and more, and we’re here to help spell it out for you.



One of the best reasons to embrace RFID technology is the undisputed convenience such a system delivers. Vehicle access control in the form of proximity access cards, barcode or magnetic stripe cards often results in inefficiency and unreliability when personnel are forced to lean uncomfortably out of their vehicle window to manually verify their credentials. A system such as this is considered unproductive ergonomically and even dangerous.

TagMaster North America’s AVI solutions provide users with hassle-free and secure access. A TagMaster Tag (transponder) is attached to a vehicle and then remotely read by a TagMaster Microwave or UHF long-range Reader. Barrier gates open and close without delay, offering the highest level of convenience and safety an organization can provide to its employees, customers and residents, even in extreme weather conditions.


It is not uncommon to see guards manually checking vehicle authorizations at the perimeters of high-profile, secure installations – a time consuming practice that can cause inconsistent credential validation. It can also lead to vehicle and installation damage. The undue danger placed upon a driver when they are forced to completely stop, roll down their window and take the time to verify their credentials in a high-security environment is reason enough to deploy a TagMaster AVI system. In many situations, such as hospitals with on-call doctors who require 24-hour access, AVI is not only more convenient, but also a safer option for organizations and their personnel.

TagMaster North America’s AVI systems offer a fully customizable, in-house developed software solution: Access Control Tracking System (ACTS). This enables the same systems that are used for building access control to support vehicle access control, allowing administrators to deploy organizational security policies such as: gate scheduling, live camera support, scheduling and reporting, anti-passback technology, all within a web-enabled interface that can be accessed remotely.


As environmental responsibility becomes an increasingly public concern, successful organizations have found it imperative that they follow suit. Businesses shouldn’t have to compromise any one strategic goal when implementing an RFID system and eco-sustainability is no exception. Cities and companies alike are investing heavily in technology and infrastructure to keep personnel and assets moving (for instance, the Smart Cities Project); Maintaining a successful business practice while conforming to new emission standards can be daunting in such a competitive world.

That’s why TagMaster North America offers AVI platforms that are not only cost-effective, but also RoHS and WEEE compliant, proven to drastically reduce the carbon footprint caused by long vehicle queues. AVI RFID systems will prevent congestion and ensure efficient transportation of goods, services, vehicles and personnel, mitigating any delays or negative impacts on business operation, all while acting within an environmentally responsible framework.

Ground Transportation Management

TagMaster North America’s RFID systems offer more than just access control solutions. Ground transportation management and fleet management can optimize efficiency and tracking as part of logistics or production processes. Many taxi and public transit fleets are managed using a TagMaster AVI system. As a result, organization improves, fees are more accurately calculated and vehicles are granted access to passenger pickup areas in a dependable and effective manner.

Even trains are equipped with TagMaster AVI systems, delivering a range of benefits: automatic identification upon entering or exiting a station, train positioning at full-line speeds and even direction of travel identification, all while conforming to strict railway standards. TagMaster North America AVI systems for tracking and tracing are also deployed at truck weighing stations, logistics centers, mobile computing sites and more.


Why TagMaster North America? Let’s consider potential factors playing a role in the Total Cost of Ownership of an RFID system. If installation becomes overly complex, if hardware is faulty or needs frequent replacement, if tag technology is unreliable, if old systems cannot be integrated with a new system, or if filling or emptying of a parking area is lengthy, an organization’s total cost of ownership will dramatically increase. TagMaster North America systems offer an all-in-one solution, where the antenna, controller and reader are included within the same housing, resulting in streamlined installation and maintenance. The predictable tag lifespan makes it convenient for budget hawks to plan in advance for replacement tags. The quick, accurate, long-range reads optimize the efficiency of any operation. Furthermore, TagMaster North America RFID systems do not require a site license, greatly reducing installation time and cost.

TagMaster North America provides exceptional product performance through cutting edge technology, custom-tailored solutions for stringent project requirements, extensive local inventory with the shortest lead times in the industry and dedication to the success of our customers. After a decade producing RFID AVI systems, TagMaster North America has yet to encounter a customer that suffered an insufficient return on investment.