June 2016 – Country Clubs & Gated Communities

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The warm weather of summer is finally here! Gated communities and country clubs across the nation are anticipating a great season of golf, poolside relaxation, and members gathering to spend time with friends and family. For many Americans, the local country club offers an escape from the rigors of daily life; however, as pastimes like golf become increasingly popular, clubs face the dual challenge of parking and vehicle access control as they strive to meet rising seasonal demand.
Many gated communities have private pools for resident-use only, while clubs boast separate pool, golf, tennis, and administrative/maintenance areas. For these reasons, along with a rising demand for parking during the summer months, it is especially crucial for community and club personnel to manage parking lots and access control.
How can club personnel provide the highest level of member and employee satisfaction without sacrificing the security and convenience that patrons expect? The answer lies in Automatic Vehicle Identification, or AVI. TagMaster North America, the world leader in RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), has provided powerful and reliable AVI solutions for over a decade. Gated communities and country clubs are just two types of installations that have benefited from deploying such solutions at their sites.
Here’s how AVI works:
When a vehicle equipped with an RFID Tag (transponder) approaches an entrance gate or barrier, an RFID Reader at the checkpoint automatically verifies the Tag’s credentials. If authenticated successfully, the gate opens immediately, without any need for the driver to roll down the window or stop the vehicle. This system ensures that only authorized entrants are allowed access, and optimizes parking management and security.
Country Club Benefits Using TagMaster’s AVI solutions:
1. Parking management optimization throughout different lots
2. Improved member satisfaction leading to increased memberships for the next season
3. No additional costs or time added to installation because of site licensing
4. Reduced carbon emissions and vehicle queues
5. Only authorized club members will be granted access into private areas
6. Consistent reliability in all weather conditions
7. Semi-permanent and permanent Tag options for seasonal members
Gated Community Benefits Using TagMaster’s AVI solutions:
1. Safer and more secure environment for homeowners
2. Monitored, protected access 24/7
3. Easy, hands-free access for residents at all times; no need to roll down a window or stop at gate
4. Authorized residents only will be granted access to private areas
5. Visitors are attended to in a more timely fashion, reducing vehicle queues while ensuring a visitor gets to their correct destination within the community
6. Multiple Tag (transponder) options for discreet, tamper-proof placement to ensure integrity of vehicles.
Thousands of partners around the world depend on TagMaster’s RFID AVI solutions. Stay ahead of the curve this summer—ask about TagMaster AVI!
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