Bollard-AirportJetParkSuite software combines world leading ANPR/ALPR with an analytics package utilized around the globe in many industries and applications, including:
  • Car Park Counting
  • Automated Access / Barrier Control
  • LED Sign Integration
  • Airports / Ports of Entry
  • Waste Management / Utilities & Infrastructure


  • One of the fastest & most accurate license plate recognition engines in the world
  • Feature rich software brings innovative benefits to many security & operational challenges
  • Comprehensive database, ideal for single site or centralized multi-site operations
  • Automate gates and barriers, change lights and raise road blockers with Access Control module
  • Fully functional web interface for simple, user friendly operation
When combined with the JetParkSuite software, users are able to experience a complete parking management and access control system.

View Product sheet: PS_CS-JetParkSuite

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