Gated Communities

Benefits of TagMaster RFID in Gated Communities:

  • Quick and efficient vehicle throughput resulting in less congestion
  • Reduced tailgating and unauthorized entry
  • Separate lanes for residents and visitors
  • Hands-free vehicle access
  • Increased security, with no need for security guards
  • Remote monitoring and control using ACTS software, including live video integration
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • No need for vehicle to get close to bollard, resulting in reduced maintenance/damage costs
  • Specific vehicle access rights to different areas within the community
  • Easy integration with a manual operation gate system


A gated community can increase residents’ perception of security and drastically improve home values, but not at the expense of an ineffective or inefficient entry/exit system. TagMaster’s RFID can make your community more secure, convenient, and reliable.

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