Benefits of TagMaster RFID in Universities:

  • More efficient lot monitoring and parking enforcement, leading to increased confidence and revenue
  • Reliable, convenient Tag fulfillment for any size college or university
  • Restrict user access to specific lots and areas
  • Reduced need to hire security personnel
  • Remote monitoring and control using ACTS software
  • Increased student and staff satisfaction, and reduced maintenance costs
  • Custom Tag options with logo-printing capability
  • Easy integration with existing systems

Copyright Robert Beyers 2005TagMaster’s Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) systems in parking applications maximize throughput, reduce back-up, and enhance security. The TagMaster RFID system provides long read ranges of up to 50 feet (15 meters) using TagMaster Tags and high-security transmission protocols. TagMaster’s operating frequency and low output power eliminate the need for site licenses. TagMaster also offers custom solutions to meet specific customer requirements and preferences. Tags for parking applications can be customized to include colors, logos, validation dates and more, making it easy for lot personnel to identify unauthorized vehicles. Universities appreciate the increased security and added value that a TagMaster solution provides.

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