What is RFID?

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the future. TagMaster has specialized in RFID solutions for over 20 years.

Why RFID?rfid

  • RFID Systems lessen monitoring needs and increase productivity.
  • RFID Systems make it easier to respond to new or unexpected circumstances.
  • No human intervention is necessary – resulting in fewer errors and greater reliability.
  • RFID Systems provide process monitoring, shipment & asset tracking, improved visibility & traceability.
  • RFID Systems increase security and deter unauthorized entrants.
  • RFID Systems are convenient, efficient and reliable.

                                                        Benefits of TagMaster RFID

  • Automatic, hands-free identification and data logging without human intervention.
  • Reliable RFID resulting in optimized ROI.
  • Reduce carbon emissions in parking structures without compromising strategic goals.
  • Systems do not require a costly site license to install or operate.
  • Systems provide a high degree of security and sophisticated credential authentication.
  • Integrate seamlessly with any new or existing system.
  • Advanced technology enables our Readers to deliver the longest read ranges in the industry.

    Not All RFID is Created Equal. . .

    2.45GHz Microwave RFID

    TagMaster’s LR-Series and HD-Series feature directional long-range Readers using LR-6 PRO2.45GHz Microwave technology. Using semi-passive “Mark” Tags, 2.45GHz allows for the  reliable, long-range reads and consistent data capture rates required in vehicle access control, as well as mission critical applications associated with rail bound transportation. Readers can be mounted side by side in adjacent lanes without cross-reads, and frequency hopping technology reduces the risk of interference from nearby devices.


    902-928MHz UHF RFID

    TagMaster’s XT-Series features long-range Readers using 902-928 MHz UHF technology. (This frequency is approved for use in North and Latin America; European UHF requires 865.6-867.6 MHz). Designed for vehicle access installations, EPC Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) passive Tags provide a cost effective solution for high volume requirements. Readers are primarily intended for personnel and vehicle access installations where a high volume amount of Tags required.


    RFID Software

    ACTSIn addition to industry standard software options, TagMaster North America also provides an embedded software solution that eliminates the need for all external access control hardware and software. Access Control Tracking System (ACTS) software is fully scalable to any project, easy-to-use, and features a web-enabled interface that is accessible from any standard web browser.



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