TCO Part 1 of 10: System Installation/Site Licensing

23 May No Comments TMNA Editor AVI, RFID, Total Cost of Ownership

Over the next couple weeks, the Blog will focus on different factors contributing to the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of an RFID system, in order to better inform partners and end-users about potentially unforeseen costs. This is part one of a ten-part series.
Some RFID systems take an exceedingly long time to install, test, and deploy. This leads not only to frustration on the part of end users, but also increased installation costs and lost business. Complicated hardware coupled with unreliable software and poor technical support make for a toxic combination. Furthermore, many RFID system providers fail to mention that their products require an expensive site license to operate.

TagMaster North America’s RFID platforms are site-license free in the US and Canada. Installation is a cinch, and exceptional customer support is on hand and ready to assist you. This is just one factor that makes TagMaster RFID’s Total Cost of Ownership one of the lowest in the industry.

Don’t fall into the trap! Remember to ask your RFID solution provider about how installation time and site licensing contribute to Total Cost of Ownership.