TCO Part 3 of 10: Tag Fulfillment/Replacement

25 May No Comments TMNA Editor AVI, RFID, Total Cost of Ownership

tagsGenerally, RFID Tags are inexpensive compared to the other hardware and software costs associated with an RFID system. However, for sites with a large population of Tag users or frequent new users, Tag fulfillment costs are an important consideration; examples include universities and large hospitals. With projects like these in mind, TagMaster North America offers a Tag fulfillment process with exceptional reliability and consistency.

TagMaster North America’s predictable Tag lifespan means that administrators can budget in advance for replacement or fulfillment orders, making it that much simpler to oversee a project’s complete budget allocation. Ensure that you’re using an experienced provider, not just a one-time supplier. Otherwise, ensuring a continuous supply of Tags may prove costly.