TCO Part 4 of 10: System Integration

26 May No Comments TMNA Editor AVI, RFID, Total Cost of Ownership

Not all RFID AVI solutions are designed to integrate into existing systems, which can lead to increased cost and installation time, not to mention added training on a new system. Some providers fail to mention that their systems will not integrate easily, leading the installer into a downward spiral of lost time and lost money.

TagMaster RFID solutions are fully backwards compatible, meaning they will seamlessly integrate into your current system. Unexpected downtime, additional training and extra expenses are therefore mitigated. TagMaster is the RFID provider that can be trusted with your system requirements.

It is important to know your system and get educated on potential new systems. The more you know as an installer, the better—don’t take a chance when your reputation’s on the line! Ask your RFID provider about system integration and backwards compatibility.

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