TCO Part 5 of 10: Entry/Exit Times

27 May No Comments TMNA Editor AVI, RFID, Total Cost of Ownership

As older parking systems continue to employ lot monitors for manual ticket handling and access control, organizations miss out on revenue and face decreased patron satisfaction. Vehicles that are forced to stop for authorized verification, whether manual or automated, can result in long vehicle queues and wasted time and money. TagMaster systems are hands-free access control solutions, meaning non-stop access for authorized vehicles. Drivers no longer have to stop or roll down their window to present ID for verification, or manually punch in a key code. It is also unnecessary to employ ticket handlers, since TagMaster’s platform can integrate into ticketing systems, performing accurate and fast reads while ensuring garages and lots fill and empty quickly, generating increased revenue and ensuring satisfied patrons. Don’t get stuck in the past—ask your installer about TagMaster’s Automatic Vehicle Identification solutions, and find out how to make your lot or garage fill and empty with ease. To learn more, please call (253) 238-1421 or visit us at