TCO Part 7 of 10: User Training and Support

1 Jun No Comments TMNA Editor AVI, RFID, Total Cost of Ownership

Whenever you make a significant investment, whether in a home, a vehicle, or an RFID system, it is essential to consider the level of service and support that is offered, both initially and over the long-term.  Unfortunately, installers don’t always receive the information or support needed to successfully install and operate a new RFID system. Some buyers seem willing to sacrifice long-term service in exchange for a lower initial cost, while some don’t mind investing a little more in a product when the accompanying support meets and exceeds expectations.

TagMaster North America is committed to the success of our customers and partners. This is why we stand by our projects from beginning to end. In addition to providing next-level customer service, our team hosts webinars to educate installers and qualify them before a project actually begins. This process allows us to bypass any upfront issues with the installation and makes for a much smoother and quicker deployment.

Remember, inadequate or ineffective support will cause TCO to increase dramatically, regardless of initial costs. You never know when support services may be needed and you don’t want to be left hanging when you need assistance! Contact TagMaster North America today to learn more about how our world-class support team can assist you.