TCO Part 8 of 10: Time is of the Essence…

2 Jun No Comments TMNA Editor AVI, RFID, Total Cost of Ownership

Many RFID providers require a middleman, either for site licensing, technical training, hardware extensions, product fulfillment, or software development. Not every RFID provider is able to fulfill all of their customers’ needs without having to contract out part of the project. This adds to downtime, increased costs, and lost business opportunities.

TagMaster North America understands that project timelines are of the essence. We exist to provide our customers with consistent, reliable RFID platforms that meet and exceed project specifications. For this reason, we boast an extensive local inventory that allows us to offer the shortest lead times in the industry. When it comes to all things RFID, we are a one-stop-shop.

Failure to consider lead times can halt an entire project. Ensuring your project can be completed through one provider can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful deployment.