What is RFID?

RFID: Reliable, Hands-Free Vehicle Access Control

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Overview: What is RFID?

An RFID system involves communication between an RFID reader and an RFID transponder or tag. In a typical RFID application for vehicle access control, the tag is mounted to the vehicle, and the reader is installed at the entrance or exit of the area where a vehicle is driving. (There are, however, unique applications that require a different system design—for example, the readers might be mounted on heavy equipment, with the tags mounted at a stationary point.)

The RFID reader has an integrated antenna that sends out a radiofrequency (RF) signal in search of a response from an RFID tag. An RFID tag is encrypted with unique identification information, which it transmits to the RFID reader through its own RF signal.

When the reader receives an RF signal from the tag, the reader forwards the tag ID information to an access or revenue system, where the tag ID is validated in a database. From there, the system operates according to the rules it’s been set to follow, granting or denying access to the tag ID and logging the credential ID, the time it was recorded, and any associated information supported by the access or revenue software, such as the name or category of the credential holder.

Benefits of RFID for AVI

RFID offers numerous benefits for AVI applications. Below are a few of the reasons RFID is an exceedingly popular solution for vehicle access control:

  • Hands-free access: The RFID tag is mounted to the vehicle, allowing authorized users to keep their hands on the steering wheel and their windows rolled up for convenient, hands-free access.
  • Reliability: With RFID, credential validation happens quickly and automatically. No human intervention is necessary, resulting in fewer errors and greater reliability.
  • Data collection: An RFID system improves visibility, logging every instance of access for a particular credential, along with access time and any associated information, such as credential holder name. This ability to easily record and report access data assists with streamlining oversight, process monitoring, revenue tracking and other important operations.
  • Increased security: RFID automatically verifies credentials and can deny access to unauthorized vehicles, protecting a facility against instances of unauthorized vehicle access.
  • Increased safety: In addition to added convenience, hands-free access also increases drivers’ safety and comfort by allowing them to keep their windows rolled up when gaining access to a parking facility late at night. This increases driver focus and decreases instances of collisions with other vehicles or equipment.

Benefits of TagMaster NA RFID

TagMaster has specialized in RFID solutions for over two decades and has established a well-earned reputation as a leading global provider of AVI solutions. TagMaster NA is committed to the success of every installation, and choosing a TagMaster NA RFID solution provides the following benefits for our trusted partners, installers and integrators:

  • Optimize your ROI: TagMaster NA RFID offers the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO), with no site license required, seamless integration with any new or existing system, and unrivaled performance and reliability. Systems are set up and configured to your project specifications, which lowers installation time and costs. With all of these bases covered, your TagMaster NA system helps you minimize your TCO and maximize your return on investment.
  • No site license required: TagMaster NA’s RFID solutions are FCC approved and do not require a costly site license to install or operate.
  • IoT capability: We offer AVI solutions with Internet of things (IoT) capability, allowing you secure remote access via port forwarding. Any network approved device will be able to access the reader for adjustments or diagnostics, without having to be physically on-site.
  • Continuous education: TagMaster NA offers technical training, comprehensive sales presentations, and project consultation webinars. Our team members are subject matter experts and can provide support from pre- to post-installation.
  • Get everything from one partner: We can supply you with the RFID readers, peripherals, customizable tags, and even the access control software. We’re US-based, with everything under one roof. That means local inventory, fast lead times, and direct sales and support. And we offer one of the most diverse, versatile and durable AVI product lines there is, making our systems well-suited to a wide breadth of projects.

RFID Frequencies

Not all RFID is created equally! TagMaster NA offers RFID technology in two different frequency platforms—2.45GHz (microwave) and 902-928MHz (ultra-high frequency, or UHF). Below is a brief overview of TagMaster NA’s RFID product lines for microwave and UHF RFID.

2.45GHz Microwave Long-Range RFID Technology (LR-Series Readers)

Microwave 2.45GHz long range RFID technology is a semi-passive technology designed to withstand the most demanding environments while providing unparalleled accuracy, range and performance. The TagMaster NA LR-series microwave platform is designed and proven to provide the most reliable and robust performance available on the market.

TagMaster NA’s LR-Series readers and microwave tags offer the following features and capabilities:

  • Semi-passive technology: the tag’s life span is predictable and independent of the number of times it is read
  • Read ranges of up to 50 feet depending on reader type and settings
  • Optimal for mission critical and high security operations, including airports, hospitals, industrial applications, military installations, and Parking Access and Revenue Control (PARCS) installations
  • Fast RF signal for immediate tag identification and fast vehicle throughput times
  • Precise and directional read lobe for adjacent lanes and co-located readers
  • Frequency hopping with selectable channels reduces the risk of interference from nearby devices or other RFID readers
902-928MHzUHF Long-Range RFID Technology (XT-Series Readers) UHF 902-928 MHz frequency long range RFID technology is known for being cost efficient, yet extremely flexible. The adjustability and feature-rich product line provide convenient and secure access for commercial or mixed use parking applications, gated communities, universities and municipalities. TagMaster NA’s XT-Series readers and UHF tags offer the following features and capabilities:
  • Passive technology, meaning they are battery- and maintenance-free
  • Read ranges of up to 30 feet depending on reader type and settings, and up to 50 feet with the NA1800 Extended Range Tag
  • Ideal for applications requiring high quantities of tags, with numerous tag options (including tamper evident, exterior mount, interior mount, customizable for logos, facility codes and tags that can also be used on a 125 KHz proximity reader)
  • Highly adjustable read lobe with squelching to prevent read lobe overlap for co-located readers
  • Tag filtering capability ensures erroneous tag reads are excluded from the system
RFID Software (Access Control Tracking System/ACTS Software) In addition to compatibility with industry standard software options, TagMaster NA also offers an embedded, all-in-one software solution. Access Control Tracking System (ACTS) software is fully scalable to any project, easy-to-use, and features a web-enabled interface that is accessible from any standard web browser.

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