Benefits of TagMaster RFID in Hospitals:

  • Quick, convenient entry and exit for regular users in lots and garages
  • Reduced CO2 emissions caused by vehicle queues
  • Hands-free vehicle access, with no need to roll down the window or stop the vehicle late at night
  • Remote monitoring and control using ACTS software, including live video integration
  • Increased customer and staff satisfaction
  • More secure than “clickers,” which can easily be passed back or shared with unauthorized users
  • Easy integration with existing system
 hospital3-ssWith the implementation of TagMaster Readers and Tags, Hospitals are able to effectively and efficiently track, monitor, control and manage parking usage. Additionally, security is dramatically increased, as only vehicles with valid TagMaster Tags are able to gain access to the reserved section within parking areas. Due to the speed of entry and exit facilitated by the TagMaster RFID AVI solution, traffic flow is smoother; staff members experience improved convenience and are able to report to duty much more quickly with considerably less stress than before, and doctors or nurses on 3rd shift are able to gain access without having to roll down their window in the middle of the night.
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