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For System Integrators

  • Flexible integration with the ability to support variable Wiegand, RS232, RS485, and TCP/IP integration
  • Cost-effective with low TCO and high ROI
  • Standalone capabilities
  • Remote access to IP-based web interface

For Users

  • Convenient, hands-free access to secure lots and garages
  • Increased security and safety
  • Reliable vehicle identification with the ability to restrict access to unauthorized users
  • Reduce liability
  • Provide a premium customer experience for loyalty programs

Our automatic vehicle identification systems for hospitality applications optimize security, reliability and convenience for customers and valet drivers. Using long-range RFID technology, LPR technology, or a combination of both, our systems can identify vehicles entering and exiting your parking lots or garages and ensure that only credentialed drivers are allowed entrance to designated lots and garages.

Casinos, hotels and valet parking applications benefit with reduced liability, faster vehicle entry and exit times, and simplified access control. TagMaster NA’s RFID solutions make it easy for hospitality applications to provide a premium parking experience for customers involved with loyalty programs. Reporting features enable data collection for metrics such as dwell times and repeat visitors, and hands-free access reduces instances of collisions, equipment damage, and tailgating.