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For System Integrators

  • Compatability with ACTS standalone software designed for single or multiple door access
  • Flexible integration with the ability to support variable Wiegand, RS232, RS485, and TCP/IP integration
  • Cost effective with low TCO and high ROI
  • Remote access options and IP based interface
  • Customizable tag options including heavy duty and extended range

For Users

  • Reliable RFID with the ability to limit entrance to authorized vehicles, heavy equipment and forklifts
  • Streamlined operations, oversight, security & safety
  • Adjustable read lobe to prevent unwanted tag reads and create specific zones
  • Ruggedized hardware for extreme environments
  • ACTS software offers reporting, tiered user permissions, customizable categories, custom zones and areas, auditing and more for efficient materials management operations

TagMaster NA’s long-range RFID is extremely versatile in high-end asset tracking, logistics management, and contractor credential auditing applications. The RFID equipment can be installed at entrance gates, over roll-up warehouse doors, and directly onto materials handling equipment or industrial vehicles (such as forklifts or snowplows). 

Our AVI solutions can be tailored to your needs to streamline operations and increase security, safety, efficiency, and oversight. Our RFID readers feature adjustable read lobes to prevent unwanted tag reads, and our RFID tags have multiple and customizable options to suit your purposes.

TagMaster NA’s RFID solutions feature flexible integration with existing systems, or TagMaster NA can provide standalone solutions for cost-effective, all-in-one logistics management. TagMaster NA’s Access Control Tracking System (ACTS) software creates more efficient and controllable materials management with robust reporting capabilities, customizable functionality and feature options based on your requirements, and more.