3 Ways RFID Improves Your Snow Removal Service

Winter is coming.

For many people, the thought of winter conjures images of snowfall, icicles and rolling white landscapes. But while winter is certainly beautiful, the reality is that commuting in a snowy city can be scary. Without reliable snow removal, drivers experience congestion, skidding, and increased chances of collisions.

Commuters count on reliable snow removal to help keep them safe from the dangers of snowy roads. With TagMaster North America’s RFID solutions, snow removal services can ensure they offer the best possible snow removal by maintaining optimal oversight over their fleet vehicles, billing processes, and drivers.

With our long-range RFID solutions, your snow removal application gains efficient contractor auditing, reliable vehicle identification, simplified billing processes, and, of course, secure access control at the snow dump site. You can even track and automatically report the number of loads each snow plow driver brings in. This enables you to maximize your ROI and offer your city a premium snow removal service.

3 ways TagMaster NA’s RFID solutions improve fleet vehicle management:

1) Data collection & revenue tracking

Does your snow removal service rely on manual reporting to track the number of loads each driver brings in? A TagMaster NA solution can count the loads for you, and it’s much more efficient and reliable than manual or self-reporting.

Practical application: A snow removal service previously relied on self-reporting to track the number of loads each driver brought in. TagMaster NA long-range RFID readers were mounted at the snow dump location, and RFID tags were assigned to contractors. Each time a contractor dumps a load of snow, the contractor’s tag credentials are read and the dump is recorded and attributed to that specific contractor.

The IoT-enabled XT-5 reader communicates the data to the ACTS Advanced software, so site operators can download customized reports with information such as: credential holder, date, time of day, and more. The data collected triggers rule-based responses, such as credential authentication, alerts and automated reporting.

The TagMaster NA solution streamlines data collection, ensuring accurate reporting. Municipalities can use this type of data, usage and frequency to save money and provide accurate billing.

Equipment: TagMaster NA deployed the IoT enabled XT-5 RFID reader, along with windshield tags and ACTS Advanced software. TagMaster NA’s Access Control Tracking System (ACTS) software, when combined with TagMaster NA’s RFID readers and tags, provides an all-in-one solution with automatic reporting functionality. The interface can be accessed remotely and reports can be customized for simplified, streamlined billing and oversight.

2) Increase efficiency & productivity

Automatic, hands-free access is important to site operators and contractors alike, because fast entrance times mean increased productivity. With hands-free RFID, drivers don’t have to stop their vehicles or roll down their windows to gain entry to the snow plow site. Access is granted automatically to vehicles with authorized credentials. Additionally, automatic access means drivers don’t have to face exposure to the cold. It also saves drivers time, so they can plow more loads in a single shift.

Practical application: A snow removal service installed long-range RFID readers at the site entrance and mounted RFID tags internally to the windshields of the snow plow trucks (heavy-duty and ODU tags are also available to mount to the exterior of the vehicles). The ID tags are read by the RFID readers, and access is automatically granted or denied. This credential authorization happens quickly and at a range of up to 30 feet, so drivers don’t have to stop their vehicles or roll down their windows to gain entrance to the site, and each instance of access is automatically logged by the reader.

Equipment: TagMaster NA’s long-range RFID readers are IP66 rated and built to withstand extreme weather, like the cold-weather environments experienced at snow plow sites. TagMaster NA’s RFID tags come in a variety of form factors, with options for internal or external mounting, extended-range tags, and IP67 and IP68 rated heavy-duty tags.

3) High-value asset tracking & access control

Know who’s coming and going, and know which of your snow removal vehicles are on-site and when. A TagMaster NA long-range RFID solution provides automatic identification for authorized credentials, and can be installed as a free flow access solution, or in conjunction with a gate or barrier arm. Access is logged in a database, with dates and times when each vehicle has been on-site, so it’s easy to keep track of your fleet.

Practical application: TagMaster NA deployed an all-in-one access solution, providing long-range RFID readers and tags in conjunction with ACTS Advanced software. With the secure access solution and robust, downloadable reports, the snow removal service gained improved and streamlined oversight, with the ability to know which contractors and vehicles are on-site and when. The durability and weather-resistance of the TagMaster NA readers and tags, along with the user-friendly all-in-one access control solution, leads to improved security, billing processes and high-value asset tracking.

Equipment: Access Control Tracking System (ACTS) Advanced software is the premier access control tracking software solution for TagMaster NA’s RFID platform. This in-house developed program offers enhanced features such as zoning, multiple reader support, a user-friendly web interface, sync-enabled whitelisting, streamlined groups and access profiles, multiple anti-passback settings, and custom reporting to suit the unique specifications of each application.

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Long-range RFID presents many possibilities for asset tracking, access control and contractor credential auditing. When it comes to fleet management, many applications have not yet tapped the goldmine solution that long-range RFID offers. Contact a TagMaster North America representative today for more information about what our AVI solutions can do for you!

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