6 of Our Favorite Features of RFID Tags

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Did you know vehicle access with long-range RFID is as fast as having no gate or barrier at all? You don’t have to sacrifice throughput speeds for increased security and oversight—with RFID, you can have it all!

RFID tags offer a wide range of options when it comes to appearance, cost-efficiency, durability, transferability, and more. This is excellent news if you’re looking to install an RFID system for automatic vehicle identification (AVI), because no matter how stringent your project’s requirements are, you’ve got tag options galore to choose from.

We’ve compiled six of our favorite features RFID tags offer for your vehicle identification application. To organize our list, we’ll use the simple acronym, FASTER—frequency, appearance, site specifications, transferability, environment, and read range.


TagMaster NA is in the unique position of supporting RFID technology in two different frequency platforms: ultra-high frequency (UHF/902-928MHz) and microwave (2.45GHz). Both platforms offer different sets of benefits for access control and identification applications, and we do recommend one over the other, depending on the installation and needs of the customer. Our diverse product offering within these two frequency platforms make TagMaster NA’s RFID solutions suitable to a wide array of projects.

Please note that UHF tags are only compatible with UHF RFID readers, and microwave tags are only compatible with microwave RFID readers. For an overview of the features and benefits of UHF and microwave platforms, [go here].


RFID tags are extremely flexible when it comes to form factor. Tags can be discreet or easy-to-identify, customizable for logos, heavy-duty, transferable or tamper-evident, interior mount or exterior mount, and even programmed for use with 125 KHz proximity readers.

Windshield stickers? Headlight stickers? License plate tags? We’ve got it all. Our diverse array of tag options provide the form factors your customers want and your projects need.

Site Specifications

Would your RFID solution benefit from custom tag designs, facility codes or custom sequencing? Your project needs create the boxes—we check them off!

TagMaster NA offers custom printed UHF tags for custom designs, logos and colors. Besides adding visual appeal and professionalism for customer-facing applications, custom printed tags also provide practical value for AVI applications, providing an added visual aid for parking enforcement. We also offer RFID tags programmed for variable bit Wiegand, computability with proximity readers, and more. 


Does your application call for tamper-evident tags, or transferable ones? With TagMaster NA’s RFID tags, you can select tags that are transferable or non-transferable depending on your needs.

Non-transferable tags are tamper evident—that means once a tag is mounted to a vehicle, it will become inoperable once removed. This prevents authorized users from sharing tags with unauthorized users.

Transferable tags, which can be transferred among vehicles and remain operable, are especially valuable in applications where tags will be reused for multiple vehicles; in high-end asset tracking where tags can be transferred among equipment; or in applications where a user’s vehicle access credentials double as their access credentials for another purpose (such as the ISO Duo Card, which can double as an access credential for 125 KHz proximity readers).


TagMaster NA offers RFID tag options for a multitude of environments. From the arctic circle to the Caribbean, our tags and readers have been deployed everywhere, and we deliver ideal solutions for applications ranging from high-end residential projects to industrial mining sites.

Some RFID applications require equipment that can withstand extreme weather, such as extreme heat or cold, water, or dust. TagMaster NA offers durable and heavy-duty tag options that are built to perform under harsh conditions.

Other applications have large populations of luxury vehicles, with metallic-coated windshields that can create interference for some types of RFID tags. TagMaster NA offers numerous tag options, such as headlight tags and side-view mirror tags, that prevent any such interference and provide peak performance.

Read Range

Another thing to consider is the ideal read range for the application—the distance from the reader to the point where the tag should be detected and read.

RFID tags can be chosen to achieve various optimal read ranges. TagMaster NA offers standard RFID tags that provide consistent read ranges to suit long-range RFID distances. Read ranges will depend on the tag type, the reader type and the reader settings.

For applications requiring longer detection distances, TagMaster NA offers extended-range tag options that can provide consistent read ranges of up to 50 feet, depending on the tag type, the reader type and the reader settings.

What features are you looking for?

Looking for custom printing, non-transferable tags, or heavy-duty tags? Below are just a few of the options we offer to suit your RFID tag needs.

Custom printing

These tags feature a customizable surface that can be printed with custom designs, colors and logos.


These tags are tamper-proof. Once a tag is removed from a vehicle, it will be inoperable, preventing valid credentials from being passed to unauthorized drivers.


These tags are rugged and able to withstand extreme weather and tough industrial environments.

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