TagMaster NA OSDP Offers Enhanced Secure Communication

osdp for rfid

Achieve Precise Identification and Secure Communication with OSDP

TagMaster NA is constantly evolving to remain future-ready and responsive to the latest industry and market demands. We provide superior solutions by ensuring optimized security and innovative technology, and we are glad to announce our compatibility with Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP). The OSDP standard is being adopted by many of the latest systems and equipment, and it is projected to be a preferred integration method in the access and security industry. The OSDP protocol ensures interoperability among security devices, monitors wiring to protect against security threats, and serves as a solution for high end AES-128 encryption required in federal applications.

As a forward thinking technology company on the forefront of innovation, TagMaster NA is pleased to offer the v2.1.6 protocol for our RFID solutions. Let’s take a look at OSDP’s core advantages.

Secure Communication

OSDP is more secure than other traditional communication protocols and protects access control data from hacking. This is because OSDP uses bi-directional communication between the RFID reader and access control panel, meaning the reader and control panel communicate directly back and forth to one another.

This bi-directional communication helps prevent “man in the middle” attacks and is essential to ensure that the physical security of the system is not compromised. Any attempted tampering of the wires is easily detected with OSDP, and operators will be able to easily recognize tampering without having to physically inspect the RFID reader.
Bi-directional communication helps prevent "man in the middle" attacks.

Simplified & Reduced-Cost Installation

TagMaster NA RFID with OSDP also has a great benefit when it comes to cabling and installation. TagMaster NA readers can be daisy chained together creating the link back to the control panel, in lieu of the traditional home-run cabling method. Daisy chaining reduces the amount of wiring required and simplifies installation, allowing you to save time and costs and achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Daisy chaining the RFID readers saves time and reduces installation costs.

Flexible & Future-Proof

OSDP is an open-platform protocol, making it interoperable for flexible integration and scalability. It is also being continuously enhanced and developed by the Security Industry Association (SIA). This ensures your TagMaster NA AVI solution with OSDP is future-proof and able to evolve with your system and with continuing technological advancements.

Did you know that a key benefit of using TagMaster NA readers with OSDP is the ability to securely use our systems for federal and state government installations? 

At the end of the day, the most important aspect of the project is the integrity and security of the system. Contact us today to see how your project can benefit from TagMaster NA solutions with OSDP!

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